The predator-proof fence at Karori Wildlife sanctuary is 8.6 km long and 2.2m tall, using over 4000km of wire.

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Achieve quantifiable results in cost reduction and improved productivity

PWT Ltd is a process performance consultant to wire production mills throughout the world.

The company has a successful track record in helping wire mills from China to North America to reduce business costs and improve productivity to achieve substantial, quantifiable results.

“We consult on the wire mill industrial process from start to finish, literally from raw material input to finished goods output, including assessment, measurement tools, operator training and equipment upgrades to enhance performance.”

– Neil Spencer, Managing Director PWT LTD.

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The PWT Ltd multiphase improvement programmes includes the following steps:

  1. Investigate and evaluate the current practices and processes within the wire mill
  2. Identify and recommend improvements
  3. Implement improvements after agreement from management
  4. Quantify the value of improvements by collecting data from the changes and completing a cost benefit analysis to management

“Common problems we have observed during our work in more than 20 countries include operators who don't properly understand what they are doing – particularly in the areas of problem solving and operating the equipment correctly – and equipment that is not set up accurately. Changes in these areas can achieve very satisfying results for management.”

– Neil Spencer, Managing Director PWT LTD.

Increasingly there are greater environmental pressures from government and local bodies. Regulations are changing to force companies to spend money reducing their waste products and be more environmentally friendly.

For more information how PWT Ltd can assist organisations in this new regulatory and environmentally pressurised environment, click <here>.

With more than 15 years experience in wire and rod manufacturing, the PWT is well qualified to consult on productivity and process improvement, including:

  • Rod yard management
  • Acid descaling
  • Conversion from acid to mechanical descaling for high and low carbon wires
  • Die shop management
  • Galvanising process management and improvement
  • Quality Management systems
  • Product tracking
  • Project management

PWT Ltd has assisted clients throughout the world, including: Malaysia, China, Japan, South Korea, India, North America, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Australia, UK, Croatia, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Canada and Taiwan.