The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco uses 129,000 kilometres of wire in its two main cables.

If you used 4.00mm wire you could possibly save USD $117,990 (thats USD $10 per tonne of wire in Zinc material saved)

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PWT’s products and services engineered to help the environment and reduce costs

At PWT we believe that we all have a responsibility to look after our environment now, to help secure a positive future for our children and future generations.

PWT – LEETSWIRE products are designed and manufactured to give companies the most advanced products possible, products that not only help with reducing operational costs, but that also commit to reducing the impact of wire manufacturing on the environment.

PWT’s Quantum™– LCM™ (lubricant conditioning machine) reduces lubricant waste by up to 90%. This waste lubricant would normally be taken away and disposed of with other chemicals.

PWT’s Quantum™– EMW™ does not produce any poisonous waste or noise and 97% of the material used is recyclable.

The PWT - LEETSWIRE Gas Atmosphere Process eliminates the need to use acids or fluxes which with normal processes needs to be treated, resulting in atmospheric pollution from the fumes.

A totally unique process, the Gas Atmosphere Process produces byproducts such as water and sponge iron. All waste streams can be utilised, thereby helping to preserve our environment and reduce costs.