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The Pad Wiping System

PWT’s pad wiping system is designed to provide a commercial grade, lightly coated wire with either a bright or dull finish to meet customer requirements.

The vertical pad wipe system was invented in New Zealand over 20 years ago. Designed in a wire mill to meet production needs, it consists of a pad clamping system which applies pressure to two rectangular vertically mounted pads which have the wire running through them. The wire on exiting the pads passes through a primary water quench system to cool the wire surface and provide a bright shiny finish. Water flow is valve controlled, and the system provides easy access for maintenance and wire threading.

Modular in design the main body of the pad wipe system is constructed to suit the working environment of the galvanising line and cope with the forces applied to it. It is designed specifically to meet the customer’s requirements in both wire diameters and wire pitch. 

  • Typical wire diameters 0.8 to 8.0mm
  • High and low carbon wires.
  • DV’s OF 100 to over 240 achievable.
  • Coating weight ranges typically 50g/m2 to 120g/m2.

Unlike other designs the pad wipe system is very easy for operators to use and maintain.  . 

The cooling water system for the quench system is closed loop thus saving water and minimizing any impact on the environment.