The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco uses 129,000 kilometres of wire in its two main cables.

If you used 4.00mm wire you could possibly save USD $117,990 (thats USD $10 per tonne of wire in Zinc material saved)

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Quantum LCM

Change lubricant more regularly without increasing costs

The wire drawing process results in high levels of lubricant wastage and costs. The tendency to extend the lubricant’s recommended life cycle results in costs in both time and money from increased defects, breakages and blown dies.

Most companies have had to either top up the lubricant to extend its life, or replace the lubricant frequently to optimise performance. Both actions are wasteful and inefficient.

But now there is a way to purify the lubricant for re-use. PWT’s Quantum™– LCM™ (lubricant conditioning machine) processes discard lubricant from die boxes and uses patented magnetic separation techniques to remove contaminants – leaving purified lubricant to be used again.

By purifying the lubricant, PWT’s Quantum™ – LCM™ allows lubricant to be replaced frequently for optimal performance without costly wastage.

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Financial Advantages

  • Reduce wastage with a 65 – 70% lubricant recovery rate and save on lubricant purchases and disposal costs.
  • Achieve a return on investment within 9 months.

Technical/Product Advantages

  • Improved overall drawing speeds.
  • Produce higher quality wire – better tensile strength
  • Measure lubricant purity in the die box in real time (no removing samples necessary)

Operational and Environmental Advantages

  • Technically sound, reliable, easy to install and low maintenance.
  • Reduce die wear, breakages and down time.

“We were very sceptical to begin with, but with the use of the lubricant recovery equipment, we have been able to recover 60% of our waste lubricant, reduce or new soap purchases by 50% and have a ROI on the equipment in less than 3 years.” – Mid-South Wire, Nashville, TN, USA


How the Quantum™– LCM™ unit works

The Quantum™ lubricant conditioning machine processes discard collected from die boxes using a patented magnetic separation technique to remove contaminants (metal/metal oxides which are magnetic and burnt soap). The purified lubricant is then available for use.

Granulations: Dust (fines) in the purified product is separated out and re-granulated to ensure desired particle distribution. The amount of granulation can be varied to achieve the desired operational characteristics.

Dust removal: A variably controlled polishing process is used to manage dust levels in the finished product.

Technical Specifications

Noise levels: All LCM800 machines have noise generation levels of less than 65dbA.

Size: 1.0m x 0.37m x 1.44m (height)

Weight: 105kg (approximately)

Services: Earthed Power Supply only

Power Supply: 220 - 240 Vac, 50/60Hz

Power requirement: <1kVA

Capacity: 5 Litres / hour