The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco uses 129,000 kilometres of wire in its two main cables.

If you used 4.00mm wire you could possibly save USD $117,990 (thats USD $10 per tonne of wire in Zinc material saved)

Estimate your savings with EMW

About Us

Expertise sharpened by hands-on wire mill experience

PWT Limited is a wire mill solutions provider that has the unique distinction of having been founded out of a large wire mill operation.

As such, the experience, expertise and solutions offered by PWT Limited were gained, shaped and honed in a real, practical wire mill environment.

This wire mill “DNA” has positioned PWT Limited to offer a design, supply and installation service to the international wire galvanising industry based on a grassroots knowledge and grasp of the problems and pressures of wire mill production unlike any other.

Developed by a team of research and development scientists and engineers, technology such as the Quantum™– EMW™ (electro-magnetic wiping) unit offers significant efficiencies, cost savings and environmental benefits to wire manufacturers in Asia, Europe and the Americas.


"To create a business relationship with our customers and suppliers where we realise value and synergy because our products, quality and service provide a competitive advantage for all."


PWT Limited’s history is grounded in practical wire mill experience. Having been founded out of a wire mill itself, the systems, thinking and personnel of PWT are based on solid practical experience and expertise earned in a real wire mill.

“Ours is not just the theoretical or consultative wire production experience that is common of many consultants and equipment suppliers.

“Our business was created in a wire mill, so the practical production experience and processes of a wire mill are part of our DNA – we understand the pressures, problems and stresses of this business better than anybody else.”

– Neil Spencer, Managing Director PWT LTD.

PWT itself is a research and development business specialising in industrial wire process technologies for the galvanized wire industry.

The team at PWT Ltd are highly qualified engineers who have researched, designed and developed ground breaking technologies such as electro-magnetic wiping technology.

After nine years of research and development work in a fully operational wire production plant during the 1990s, the Quantum™ EMW™ unit and corresponding system were launched internationally in 2003.

Since then the Quantum™ EMW™ unit and other technology like the Quantum™ LCM™ have proven themselves time and time in achieving outstanding results in zinc and zinc aluminium galvanizing -- proven easy to maintain, easy to operate, safe and environmentally friendly.

Quantum™ EMW™ was developed by Pacific Wire Technologies, the research and development division of Pacific Wire. Pacific Wire itself was established 40 years ago and is a leading manufacturer of a diverse range of products for the farming, construction and security industries in the Pacific Region.     

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