The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco uses 129,000 kilometres of wire in its two main cables.

If you used 4.00mm wire you could possibly save USD $117,990 (thats USD $10 per tonne of wire in Zinc material saved)

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Take-up Frame

The Take-up Frame for wire accumulation offers various options for the take-up collection on to former (carrier) via a dead-block rotohead unit, or vee-track single, double or triple size. All options on the former have the choice of a removable pattern-laying unit.

Both the Take-up and Pattern-lay units have individual variable speed drives to maximise the flexibility of operating a different speed per line, per wire and per coat-weight requirement.

The spooling option is desirable for fine wire operations, because the control of the wire operating from spool to spool is excellent, minimising breakages and maximising the speed of operation.

Lines can be designed to suit customer requirements.