The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco uses 129,000 kilometres of wire in its two main cables.

If you used 4.00mm wire you could possibly save USD $117,990 (thats USD $10 per tonne of wire in Zinc material saved)

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Heat Treatment

PWT utilises a special design that allows the wire to be prepared for galvanising without the need for acid cleaning or fluxing.

Our process achieves this environmentally friendly outcome by heating the wire in a gas atmosphere, which begins at the down-tube and ends at the wire entry end – providing protection from oxidisation to the wire and an excellent medium for transferring heat into the wire for annealing and preparation of the wire for galvanising.

The Heat Treatment furnace itself is made up of a number of modules for several reasons:
  1. Ease of shipping, using general-purpose containers
  2. To facilitate your entry to the galvanising market on a minimum capital investment basis (with the ability to purchase more modules as sales increase)
  3. The ability to relocate the furnace simply and easily at any future time.
  4. Furnace modules are easy to maintain, ensuring long life at minimal cost

The number of zones of heating control depend on the number of modules required for a set production rate, the type of heating used (gas or electric), and the number of lines across the furnace.

The zone control options can include:

  • Digital controllers with fuzzy logic control, which communicate back to the furnace computer, with printer;
  • Furnace software is fully developed to enable mimics generation, reports, trends, history etc.;
  • Management can check the furnace operation, ensuring the plant is operating as programmed, even outside normal hours of work.

The PWT Heat Treatment process is unique because it raises the temperature of the wire only once, and then reduces it to the galvanising temperature for perfect hot zinc bonding.